Driver Profiles

  • Quinn Davis
    Quinn Davis Blue Rookie

    Age: 6
    Chassis: Fiser
    Bio: Voted most improved driver for the 2014-2015 season, won her first race over the summer season in blue rookie. Loves animals especially sharks
    Sponsors: Automated Presort Services, Good Day Cafe, Jeri’s Uniforms, Victory Police Motorcycles
    Nickname: “Quinnster”

  • Londyn Basham
    Londyn Basham Senior Honda & Light 160

    Age: 10
    Chassis: Robbie Stanley Racing
    Sponsors: Grammy & Bampy, Rocky Mountain Stanley, Scotts Racing Engines.

  • Ayden Collins
    Ayden Collins Blue Rookie

    Age: 8
    Chassis: Fiser
    Bio: She has been officially racing one year. She moved up to blue rookie in April and has one first place win. Loves reading, art lessons and racing.

  • Quinn Thurein
    Quinn Thurein Blue Rookie

    Age: 6
    Chassis: Sherman Race Cars
    Sponsors: Simpleview, Environmental Analytics, Blue Coyote Painting

  • Garrett Solomon
    Garrett Solomon Junior Honda

    Age: 8
    Sponsors: mom & dad
    Accomplishments: 2014 Red Rookie track record, 2014/2015 Rookie of the Year

  • Wyatt Foss
    Wyatt Foss Senior Honda & Light 160

    Parents: Bill & Leigh Foss
    Chassis: Nervo
    Bio: Wyatt was club champion in both classes for the 2013-14 season and has held track records for fast time in Sr. Honda. Besides racing, Wyatt likes to play soccer and is lining up some airsoft battles with his friends.
    The number on Wyatt’s Sr. Honda car – 343 – honors the firefighters lost at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. And the graphics on his Sr. Honda car honor the 100 Club of Arizona, an organization that assists firefighters, police officers and their families in their time of need.

  • Jaiden Curfman-Levy
    Jaiden Curfman-Levy Senior Honda

    Age: 11
    Chassis: Sherman Race Cars
    Sponsors: Amsoil, JP Vehicle Outfiters, Sabre Motorsports, Mary’s Mission, Competition Tire, Racer’s Advantage Store